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Empfang im Naked Lunch
“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. In this case the phrase, indeed, held true for me as I was able to really taste the love the three hosts and cooks of RollinRestauant invested in the food and its preparation.

RollingRestaurant was initiated and is hosted by Paul, Paul and Björn – three ambitious amateur cooks that fall into the relatively new tradition of SupperClubs, singling out their events by choosing extraordinary locations.

Places at their table are very much sought after: 20 tickets to be ordered by mail when their forthcoming event is announced. Those who get a ticket may bring a guest of their choice. So, all in all we were 40 food lovers and gourmets. Our welcome drink was a hot buttered rum punch. It was sweet and tasty and helped to warm us up from the inside in addition to the cheerful talk with the other guests.





elk, brussels sprouts, cheese

deer, dumpling, pickles

cake, pear, mousse

At about eight o’ clock everyone had found a place at one of the two long tables and we were ready for an amuse-gueule that rocked. Among the pics above the menu the third one does NOT show a cappuccino but a soup. It was a chestnut soup that judging from its delicious taste contained a good portion of game stock. And then the ‘game’ started for real :)The next course was baby elk carpaccio with gelatinised juice of cranberries, three (!) brussel sprouts leaves and a light cheese sauce. The raw, cured meat was so tender and had a very delicate and sweet taste compared to beef carpaccio that the person sitting next to me and I were strongly reminded of the tastiness of African cured meat Biltong.




Those in need of it had just enough time for a cigarette before  the main course was served: deer filet steak, dumplings filled with mushrooms and pickles. My plate was served by Paul Fritze himself – which was a great honour indeed. Before last saturday I was no enthusiast concerning game but from now on every future course with game will be measured and compared with what I ate at RollingRestaurant’s “Wild at Heart”. We drank a Primitivo – from 2009 if I remember correctly – which apart from being a harmonic companion to the deer was very fairly priced. And the location, the staff and the owner of Naked Lunch very much contributed to and completd the achievements of the three cooks, anyway.Again there was a small break and the set menu was completed – or rather perfected – by the yet again tasty dessert: toffeecake with cranberries, marinated pears, raspberry sirup and gingered yoghurt.







A very big thank you to Björn and the two Pauls from a well-fed

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